Radar Antenna MDS-12


Powerful Radar Antenna that transforms your 
SEIWA  chartplotter into an integrated radar display!


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Radar Antenna MDS-12

All-weather RADAR

For commercial and leisure vessel 


Integrate the MDS-12 radar antenna into your navigation system or safe navigation even in crowded waters or in poor visibility conditions. Get visual situational awareness fully integrated with electronic charts, AIS, and other onboard features.

Traditional SI-TEX quality and reliability in a compact, lightweight radar antenna. The 24” Radome Radar is ruggedly built to withstand harsh conditions at sea on commercial as well as recreational vessels.

  • 4kW high-power all-weather radar with 36nm range
  • Connects via WiFi router* to Explorer 23 WiFi, and to SWx charplotter series 
  • The latest Radar features always available with the connected plotter automatic updates. 

*Optional WiFi Router required with ethernet connection for integration with compatible plotters.




ROMEO, the brain of SEIWA navigation systems

ROMEO software is what makes your marine electronics easy to use,
integrating data from different devices with the cartographic info. 

Powerful and flexible, ROMEO is the result of SEIWA's deep knowledge
of both charting systems and marine instruments, gained in more than three decades of activity.

SEIWA ROMEO is constantly improved by our software development team
and our graphic user interface experts, also thanks to our customers' feedback. 

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Integrated Radar display

RADAR integration in SEIWA ROMEO software

Seiwa Romeo Radar page

Radar page / overlay
Transform your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness, fully integrated with charts, AIS and other features.

Split screen

Split screen 
with radar and chart screens side-by-side for clear viewing and quick comparison

Radar overlay on map

Radar overlay on map 

Radar full ais info

Overlay and full info for AIS and DSC targets, as well as user marks, events and routes

Radar contextual menu

Radar Contextual Menu 
Contextual Menu: quick access to Marks and other functions 

Guard Zones

Guard zones: 
you can enable guard zones on the Radar and set a notification for each one



Radar Antenna MDS-12

Radar Installation

WiFi connectivity

The Radar antenna connects via ethernet cable to a WiFi router (not included) to provide a stable signal. Through the WiFi router, the Radar antenna MDS-12  connects wirelessly to the plotter. 
Compatible with EXPLORER 23 WiFi and SWx series.

Tips for great performance

The Radar antenna can be installed either on top of the wheelhouse or on the radar mast on a suitable platform. 

  • Install the Radar antenna in clear view
  • A separation of  at least at two meters from the radio direction finder is suggested. 
  • Avoid routing the signal cable near other onboard electrical equipment. 
  • Avoid running the cable in parallel with power cables
  • The compass safe distance should be observed to prevent deviation of the magnetic compass. 





Weight: 16000 g
Radiator length: 60cm closed radome with integrated 55cm hybrid array
Rotation: 4KW X-band 24rpm (±2) 
Range: 36 NM maximum range
Processing: Digital on-board processing
15 meter shielded ethernet cable with RJ45 connector for connection to WiFi router enabling WiFi connectivity to the Seiwa WiFi chartplotter
Wind resistance: Relative wind speed 100 knots (51.5 m/s)
Power supply: 10.5VDC to 40VDC
Environment: Temperature -25°C to +70°C
Relative humidity 93% or less at +40°C
Compass safe distance from antenna unit: Standard compass 130 cm – Steering compass 95 cm  

Power consumption: 40W max




Software specifications

Dedicated radar page for configuration, tuning and display of radar image onscreen
Split screen mode radar / chart , radar / instruments
Radar overlay on map
Multiple orientation modes for flexible display (North Up, Heads Up, Course Up)
Automatic and Manual tuning modes
Anti-clutter modes help to compensate for sea and rain interference
Echo stretch to magnify targets for easier viewing
Overlay and full info for AIS and DSC targets, as well as user marks, events and routes



Installation Guide