SWx 1200cw


12" WiFi chartplotter + CHIRP echosounder / fishfinder
with SEIWA Romeo software.


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SWx 1200 cw

Practical Hybrid Interface

The best of both approaches


The SWx series maximizes the combined benefits of a touch screen with the reliability of an ergonomic keypad

  • The rotary knob provides fast and precise control in every condition

  • The touch screen optimizes experience in map exploration and route building


SEIWA CHIRP technology

Higher resolution, less power, less noise

SEIWA SWx combo displays come with a CHIRP sonar to  offer  a high resolution view of targets for an efficient and sustainable fishing.

CHIRP stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse and is a game-changing  technology that has been used by the military, now finally available for professional and recreational sonar.

SEIWA CHIRP sonar transmits a longer pulse than traditional sonar, putting more energy into the water column  achieving: 

  • HD resolution and target definition

  • Greater ability to pull targets from the background noise

  • Improved bottom tracking at higher speeds

  • Improved bottom tracking at deeper depths 




ROMEO, the brain of SEIWA navigation systems

ROMEO software is what makes your marine electronics easy to use,
integrating data from different devices with the cartographic info. 

Powerful and flexible, ROMEO is the result of SEIWA's deep knowledge
of both charting systems and marine instruments, gained in more than three decades of activity.

SEIWA ROMEO is constantly improved by our software development team
and our graphic user interface experts, also thanks to our customers' feedback. 

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Configure your desired view

Everything under control

Personalize your display configuration: map, fish finder, radar, compass bar, data boxes, or split pages to have everything under control.

Full Map

Explore the Map

Explore your chart database with information on map objects

Full fishfinder

Full echosounder - fishfinder page

The CHIRP fishfinder technology eliminates surface clutter and water column noise, for hi-fi visibility.

Seiwa Romeo Instruments

Instruments  and Situational Widget 

Connect to compatible sensors such as weather stations and gyrocompasse to view:  3D road, rate of turn, rudder, timer, temperature, roll, pitch, compass, speed, and depht graph. 

Seiwa Romeo Radar page

Radar page / overlay
Transform your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness, fully integrated with charts, AIS and other features.

Engine page

Engine Monitor
Display engine parameters and performance when connected to a compatible NMEA 2000 engine through CAN bus. 

Split Page

Split page
Combine the 5 pages (map, fishfinder, radar, instruments, engine) in split pages creating 10 possible combinations to monitor everything

Fishing Ranges

Advanced map option for easier fishing


You can select on your SEIWA charplotter a fishing range: when you know the fish are suspended over certain depths, highlight the range so you can quickly identify more places to check out!

*Function available with NAVIONICS charts.

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Advanced data management

Tracks, routes and marks


  • The chartplotter interface is optimized for an easy, fast and accurate management of your data.

  • Create marks/events, tracks, routes, waypoints and boundaries and store them in the plotter database.

  • The advanced tracks management allows you to transform any track in a route. 

  • You can manage up to 30,000 marks with a new set of colors and icons.

Radar Integration

Improved visual situational awareness 

Transform your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness, fully integrated with charts, AIS and other features.

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Exploit the full potential of your connected SEIWA plotter


Captain Cloud

Never lose your tracks and marks again

Syncronize your data with Captain Cloud and manage routes, tracks and marks from any connected device, keep them safe and private! Build your favorite routes easily at home, and find them ready on board!

*For SWx series and EXPLORER 23 WIFI version 

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Mirror Control

Duplicate your navigation plotter 

Situational awareness is key onboard. It is very helpful to have multiple navigation displays while you move around your boat to keep everything under control, but it can be very expensive. 

You can mirror your connected SEIWA navigation system on any mobile device through the MIRROR CONTROL  APP available for free for IOS and Android.


Get extra displays
for free!

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The best electronics charts for SEIWA systems


Choose your favourite charts! 

SEIWA navigation systems give you a wide choice of maps. 

You can choose C-MAP 4D ®, C-MAP Max ®, Navionics+ ®, and Navionics Platinum+ ® maps.



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NMEA2000 + NMEA 0183 + WiFi

Build a complete, reliable and yet flexible system!

All the SWx series chartplotters are extremely versatile as they come with two NMEA0183 serial ports and one NMEA2000 port to connect any compatible device such as AIS, autopilot, engine, etc.

m8 smart gps receiver


M8 Smart GPS receiver 

Waterproof Satellite Differential GPS Receiver
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Autopilot AP05


Autopilot SW AP05

The intelligent autopilot system for both power and sail 6m – 40m

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Radar Antenna MDS-12


Radar Antenna MDS-12 

Transforms your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness.

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GPS Vector Compass


GPS Vector Compass 

Compact GPS Positioning and Heading Smart Antenna
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Metadata AIS Transceiver

High performance, plug-and-play AIS transceiver featuring Rmax™ Class B engine.

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Si-Tex MDA-2 Metadata Dual Channel AIS Receiver


Metadata Dual Channel AIS Receiver

Dual Channel, plug-and-play AIS Receiver featuring Rmax™ AIS technology.

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SI-TEX MDA3 Metadata AIS Antenna Splitter


Metadata AIS Antenna Splitter

Allows for the full use of VHF communications and AIS send/receive with a single antenna.
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Sitex MDA-5AIS Class B/SO Transceiver/Splitter


Class B/SO AIS Transceiver / Splitter

New 5 Watt AIS with built in Antenna Splitter
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SWx 1200cw Hardware specs

SWx 1200cw Hardware Specifications
Display size: 12”  touchscreen
Display resolution: 1024 x 768
Display brightness: 1250 nits 
Weight: 1160 g
Maximum power 12W 
Supply voltage 10-35 Vdc
Waterproof IPX6 
Operating temperature -10°C / +60°C 
Storage temperature -20°C / +80°C 
Mounting options Bracket, surface, flush mount 
Built-in GPS receiver 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS 
External GPS connector 
Built-in CHIRP Fish Finder
Transducer connector 
NMEA 2000 
NMEA 0183 2x Rx/Tx on power cable 2
Micro SD memory slot 
WiFi connectivity 
Remote control receiver


Dimensions swx1200w


A  391 mm (15.3 in)

B  258 mm (10.1 in)

C  279 mm (10.9 in)

D  120 mm (4.7 in)

E   30 mm (1.1 in)



Panel installation and connection scheme



User Manual SWx 1200w

Instalaltion Guide SWx 1200w

software update SWx 1200w