Boat Builders


Bespoke marine electronics installations,
100% Made in Italy

From Manufacturer to manufacturer


From manufacturer
to manufacturer 

We work with boat builders to provide custom marine electronics. We can customize both products' hardware and software. 

Custom installations


Custom installations 

We can connect and interface different systems and communication protocols.  Have any special request? Try us! 

Custom Apps


IoT integrations and custom APPS

We can develop custom mobile apps to enhance the final customer experience, or even develop new IoT projects. Contact us! 

Ideal Configuration


SEIWA Support

In-house Customer Care

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3 Years Warranty


3 Years Warranty 

SEIWA builds products to be robust and to last, fighting electronics planned obsolescence! That’s why we are proud to grant 3 years warranty on SEIWA products.


Fast and efficient service


Fast and efficient 

We manufacture our products in Europe, and we develop internally our software and apps, that’s why we can provide a fast and efficient support service, and that’s why our spare parts are always available.

Personalized customer care


Personalized customer care

Contact Seiwa’s staff and experience what it’s like NOT to be a number. Customer support is guaranteed directly by Seiwa staff. Your feedback is very precious to us!