The SEIWA cloud service dedicated to captains and boaters


The CAPTAIN CLOUD service lets you save your precious data, regardless of the maps you use. Works with both C-MAP and NAVIONICS charts.  

  • Syncronize your plotter data
  • Manage routes, tracks and marks from any connected device
  • Build your favorite routes at home, and find them ready  on board!


CAPTAIN CLOUD service is available for free for:
EXPLORER 23 WiFi version, and SWx series ( SWx 900W, SWx 1200W, SWx 900CW, SWx 1200CW).

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1. Automatic chartplotter synch

Synch your routes, tracks and marks

Having a full chartplotter memory and not knowing how to transfer and protect data was a nightmare for boaters and fishermen until the arrival of  CAPTAIN CLOUD.  Now,  you can effortly  synchronize your chartplotter data with CAPTAIN CLOUD to keep them safe and private.

Whenever you save a Mark, a Route or a Track on your SEIWA compatible plotter, you will automatically synch it on your CAPTAIN CLOUD account. This way you can keep track of trips and be sure to never loose your data again! 

Marks and tracks are precious data both for leisure and for your work, that’s why we want to make sure you never lose them! With CAPTAIN CLOUD you can save 

  • fishing tracks
  • preferred routes
  • the position of nets 
  • special fishing spots 
  • memories from your trips and holidays  etc.

2. Organize your routes, tracks and marks

Manage your data from any connected device


After your boat trip, you will be able to organize your routes, tracks, and marks on CAPTAIN CLOUD from any connected device: your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Organize Your Marks, Routes, and Tracks in folders, change their names, descriptions, colors, icons, or even position. 

Changes will be synched with your plotter.

3. Plan your work or your trip in advance

Optimize your time 

Build your favorite routes easily at home on your CAPTAIN CLOUD account, and find them ready on your connected SEIWA navigation system. 

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The SEIWA cloud service dedicated to captains and boaters 

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