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Genuine and compatible accessories

The best accessories selected for SEIWA

SEIWA specializes in the production of high-quality navigation systems made in Europe.

To offer our customers a complete marine electronics system, we select the best accessories and instruments from the most specialized companies worldwide, and we resell them to our customers at convenient prices.

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Produced for SEIWA by its sister company SI-TEX, the Radar Antenna MDS-12 is available for purchase in Europe from SEIWA network of resellers.

Radar Antenna MDS-12

Radar Antenna MDS-12 

Transforms your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness. 

  • 24” Radome 
  • 4 kW
  • 36 NM range 

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Integrated Radar display

RADAR integration in SEIWA ROMEO software

Seiwa Romeo Radar page

Radar page / overlay
Transform your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness, fully integrated with charts, AIS and other features.

Split screen

Split screen 
with radar and chart screens side-by-side for clear viewing and quick comparison

Radar overlay on map

Radar overlay on map 

Radar full ais info

Overlay and full info for AIS and DSC targets, as well as user marks, events and routes

Radar contextual menu

Radar Contextual Menu 
Contextual Menu: quick access to Marks and other functions 

Guard Zones

Guard zones: 
you can enable guard zones on the Radar and set a notification for each one